resi (onyxzeconqueror) wrote in blessed_earth,

Welcome note

Okay, Welcome to Blessed Earth a.k.a Spinning in the Starlight - for Pagans of all kinds. And that's basically what this community's for - Pagans. While 'pagan' is the label Christians gave us thousands of years ago, this is our adopted term, preferred over heathen (to me anyhow). Whether your love be in Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism or in another of the many branches to this lovely collection of religions this is an open (yet oddly privately closed) space to expand your growing minds.

Feel free to express your passion, religious debates, previous rituals and upcoming gatherings in this com and have fun doing so.

A special thanks to my wonderful friends (and first members) Tanya and Bonnie. Tan, for supporting this movement so heartily and Bon for being our public relations officer (suprise) and for what will be a wonderful layout.

Yeah, so have some sectastic fun already...
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