resi (onyxzeconqueror) wrote in blessed_earth,

In bonnie's spirit of posting

So it's hard to tell +40 Catholic women that the reason you no longer sing for or with any church is because you've become pagan. Hmm. Well I had only woken an hour beforehand. So I just brushed it off. "No I don't" [sing that is] "Oh, that's sad" aww yeah real sad. ha! I've never felt so free from the constrains that the catholic church and it's community brings. And you know what? that feeling is terrific. But for them, I'm afraid i might apologise for feeling so good about not thinking and therefore believing that Christ is God. Or whatever the relationship, complicated as it may be, be! I'm sure he was a nice bloke. Real super nice and enlightened. I mean sure i love him, but not as god or any deity. Just like Buddha.

What I also find amazing is the reaction of people when you tell them you're a vegetarian. I've never felt so judged for so many times. But, their opinion is not going to change my mind in any way. I can't kill or injure with intent. I'm sorry *shrugs* karma is too risky. No dairy for me either, and i don't fancy eggs, i might as well be vegan.
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