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curious if I should post this *shrugs*

So I saw 'The Da Vinci Code' code last night, and as much as I almost hate to admit it, I have also read the book. Though I read it only because I was curious to see its(or perhaps I should say dan browns) perspective and veiws on religion.

I think it raises some good points, I guess.

The book - although a tad legthy in parts and a lil too short at others, is actually an alright read. Brown choses his facts carefully, and uses just enough to tie into real life/historic events. Plus major bonus, yes, quite a bit of paganism is meantioned. But then again some of the wording just hurts -- "Sophie felt herself staggering backward in amazement" and "Then everything went black." *shrugs* perhaps thats just me finding his style a wee bit agrivating.

The Movie - Im still unable to find the right word to describe it. They manage to change the ending(ish) and a few of the inbetween events (the movie being described as 'tedious afterthought and an inevitable cash-in'), but it still carries the message with it. So again, I think its worth seeing.(especially come cheap tuesday.)

Those two things being said, The Da Vinci Code doesnt exactly do amazing favours for paganism, well atleast the movie doesnt to an extent. Sure they get the religion out there, and make a huge note to the fact that it woreships the goddess and all that jazz, but when refering to paganism they bring in rituals. The imagery used makes it all seem so barbaric..which dissappointed me a little. And its not widely explained -- paganism, but then again thats not what this media is intended to do, its supposed to entertain, and hopefully make the audience think.

and well on that subject it sure made me think.

PLUS I had to giggle at the fact a church had placed an add before the movie came on asking people if they wanted to protest against the film they were about to see, and gave out specific details of where to go, so that way everyone was aware "THE DA VINCI CODE WAS ALL LIES."

the fact that Catholic and conservative Christian groups have come out so strongly against the book/movie only make its paranoid visions more believable. If the church is so worried that "The Da Vinci Code" will lead the general public to believe that killer Opus Dei monks actually exist, you start to wonder what the organization is really trying to cover up: Do they eat babies? Host Black Mass hootenannies?


It never ceases to amaze me how religion impacts upon people.
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