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Abandoned [ Tuesday
March 13th, 2007 | 8:36pm ]

My god we haven't used this place in aaaaaaages.

So here's a topic: how does everyone feel about Family First?

All i can remember is that they were fairly outspoken christians with some crazy overprotective policies. what they were I'll not remember but i can tell you what, I'm never voting for them, liberal or labour. And that no shooting party bonnie told me about.

So, go for it. discuss. if you want to.

I'm not even getting to vote this year. and that's probably a good thing.
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[ Wednesday
September 6th, 2006 | 3:13pm ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

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aside from all the music and mayhem to be had, there will be more religious activities such as a viking welcoming/blessing ceremony etc which i though may interest some of you. i havent been to one before but from the tales of last years it should be good... ;)

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Christian girl questions her liking of Yaoi [ Tuesday
June 27th, 2006 | 7:32pm ]

[ mood | amused ]

I stumbled across this discussion thing and all i can say is read it. you'll get all riled up and then calmed and then riled up again. It's a little long, but goddess you'll be sucked in for the ride that is christian opinions. I seriously laughed so much in parts though. Hi-larious.


it's too bad they had no hindus comment. and enough with the bible already or i'll start quoting the Qu'ran.

I think this post of hers has basically confimed my "I'll live a life of polygamy" philosophy.

i love this chick: Remember it's not WWJD it's WWCND (What Would Chuck Norris Do) Because we all know he holds more power then Jesus, Ala, God and any other religios icon. XwX

And just what would jesus do anyway?

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[ Sunday
June 18th, 2006 | 12:01am ]

Ok time to keep this community going again...

ok, so on my latest web-binges Ive been looking up a lot or different articles and here are a few I think might be of interest here..ethey focus on religion.

--A wiccan who heals the mind or a witch who casts a spell?

--Pagans, Hindus, Native Americans and others convinced the mass media have long vilified their religions are taking pens, microphones and cameras into their own hands.

--"According to most of those surveyed, atheists fall below Muslims, gays, and every other minority group when it comes to 'sharing their vision of American society.' "

-- “Robin Fletcher betrayed the most basic tenets of Wicca when he committed his crimes.”

--"A symptom of pagan emptiness"

and just because I feel like everyopne should actually read about scientology:

If you dont want to read the others thats fine, but please read that one..its interesting.

I think perhaps everynow and then Ill post a new link about a different religion, I know that the people who are on this com are usually up for a bit or diversity..so I'll keep this place alive with it

xo V.K
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[ Monday
May 29th, 2006 | 4:11pm ]

This was handed to me by email (mum keeps giving them to me even though she knows I'm NOT christian anymore) They all have a similar theme - god. and jesus gets a mention in all of them too. But they're supposed to be inspiring stories about "everyday people" who in their everyday activities decide that they need confirmation from god or jesus about some thing or another.

email crapCollapse )

they always throw in some bible lines and a line about "don't feel obliged, you shouldn't feel guilty about not caring about my crappy story that probably didn't happen but if you don't pass it on FOR SHAME..

it just annoys me that i get this mail from mum is all. like i need to be reconverted. she probably doesn't think that but that it's a nice story and i might aspire to be a nice person who follows her nice god.

another thing i continually notice in these stories is a) the repetitiveness of the structure - "i don't believe so i wont do it, but then i think i will just in case. oh! it worked out i might think the same again" and b) inaccuracies. in this one it's that he bought a gallon of milk. i'm not sure but i though a gallon was quite a substantial amount. and who gets milk in a gallon? maybe it's an american thing i dunno. another point is what baby can digest commercial milk? don't they need breastmilk or fomula. maybe the baby is old.

anyway, just so you know what mail i get.. any thoughts are welcome.
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In bonnie's spirit of posting [ Wednesday
May 24th, 2006 | 8:38pm ]

So it's hard to tell +40 Catholic women that the reason you no longer sing for or with any church is because you've become pagan. Hmm. Well I had only woken an hour beforehand. So I just brushed it off. "No I don't" [sing that is] "Oh, that's sad" aww yeah real sad. ha! I've never felt so free from the constrains that the catholic church and it's community brings. And you know what? that feeling is terrific. But for them, I'm afraid i might apologise for feeling so good about not thinking and therefore believing that Christ is God. Or whatever the relationship, complicated as it may be, be! I'm sure he was a nice bloke. Real super nice and enlightened. I mean sure i love him, but not as god or any deity. Just like Buddha.

What I also find amazing is the reaction of people when you tell them you're a vegetarian. I've never felt so judged for so many times. But, their opinion is not going to change my mind in any way. I can't kill or injure with intent. I'm sorry *shrugs* karma is too risky. No dairy for me either, and i don't fancy eggs, i might as well be vegan.
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[ Wednesday
May 24th, 2006 | 6:46pm ]

ok so I also had to chuckle at this, granted I saw it a little while ago, but only just realised maybe its appropriate for here.

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curious if I should post this *shrugs* [ Wednesday
May 24th, 2006 | 5:16pm ]

[ mood | it's been inactive 2 long. ]

So I saw 'The Da Vinci Code' code last night, and as much as I almost hate to admit it, I have also read the book. Though I read it only because I was curious to see its(or perhaps I should say dan browns) perspective and veiws on religion.

I think it raises some good points, I guess.

The book - although a tad legthy in parts and a lil too short at others, is actually an alright read. Brown choses his facts carefully, and uses just enough to tie into real life/historic events. Plus major bonus, yes, quite a bit of paganism is meantioned. But then again some of the wording just hurts -- "Sophie felt herself staggering backward in amazement" and "Then everything went black." *shrugs* perhaps thats just me finding his style a wee bit agrivating.

The Movie - Im still unable to find the right word to describe it. They manage to change the ending(ish) and a few of the inbetween events (the movie being described as 'tedious afterthought and an inevitable cash-in'), but it still carries the message with it. So again, I think its worth seeing.(especially come cheap tuesday.)

Those two things being said, The Da Vinci Code doesnt exactly do amazing favours for paganism, well atleast the movie doesnt to an extent. Sure they get the religion out there, and make a huge note to the fact that it woreships the goddess and all that jazz, but when refering to paganism they bring in rituals. The imagery used makes it all seem so barbaric..which dissappointed me a little. And its not widely explained -- paganism, but then again thats not what this media is intended to do, its supposed to entertain, and hopefully make the audience think.

and well on that subject it sure made me think.

PLUS I had to giggle at the fact a church had placed an add before the movie came on asking people if they wanted to protest against the film they were about to see, and gave out specific details of where to go, so that way everyone was aware "THE DA VINCI CODE WAS ALL LIES."

the fact that Catholic and conservative Christian groups have come out so strongly against the book/movie only make its paranoid visions more believable. If the church is so worried that "The Da Vinci Code" will lead the general public to believe that killer Opus Dei monks actually exist, you start to wonder what the organization is really trying to cover up: Do they eat babies? Host Black Mass hootenannies?


It never ceases to amaze me how religion impacts upon people.

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[ Friday
April 14th, 2006 | 2:37pm ]

ok so the coding is almost all finished..it looks better then it was (check out the layout) I just need to fix the friend/calender etc links up..but soon my pretties, sooon, this will be done!

on another note...

The event was stupid.

Im starting to get very annoyed how the cristian faith is continually promoted at school, yet other religions are over looked..YES i realise they have a group and are active, but the school helped them get a hold of the silly lil christian youth group (the outsiders) ... yet they never thought to bring in other people so we could really be an openly accepting diverse school.


maybe Im just ranting.


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Welcome note [ Sunday
March 26th, 2006 | 2:03pm ]

Okay, Welcome to Blessed Earth a.k.a Spinning in the Starlight - for Pagans of all kinds. And that's basically what this community's for - Pagans. While 'pagan' is the label Christians gave us thousands of years ago, this is our adopted term, preferred over heathen (to me anyhow). Whether your love be in Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism or in another of the many branches to this lovely collection of religions this is an open (yet oddly privately closed) space to expand your growing minds.

Feel free to express your passion, religious debates, previous rituals and upcoming gatherings in this com and have fun doing so.

A special thanks to my wonderful friends (and first members) Tanya and Bonnie. Tan, for supporting this movement so heartily and Bon for being our public relations officer (suprise) and for what will be a wonderful layout.

Yeah, so have some sectastic fun already...
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